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using technology responsibly!


TOADD.ORG, Inc.a 501c3 non-profit has been dedicated to creating a safer social and mobile environment by addressing issues relevant to youth regarding appropriate technology use, social health and literacy awareness.

We are the only texting education organization with a proactive approach.

TOADD.org is committed to partnering with others to ensure that technology users contribute to building a safe and healthy mobile environment.

6000 Deaths and 50,000 Injuries Occurred in the United States in 2009 Due to the Unsafe Use of Cell Phones While Driving


Cyberbullying and Sexting are everyday issues with this generation” 

The Mobile Environment is defined as the communication space utilized through mobile devices and wireless services. The mobile environment is evolving into to one of the largest community spaces shared by people. In a mere decade mobile phone technology has quadrupled in speed and convenience. Billions of citizens all over the world, over 260 million in the United States, use cell phones in everyday life, with most US kids receiving cell phones by age 10.

Cell phones are used for texting, talking, to keep busy schedules and staying connected.  Mobile technology, specifically, cell phones have many great attributes, but there are also some negative ones.  Cell phones have been the catalyst for deadly car accidents, school expulsions and job resignations.



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