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TOADD, Technology Organization Against Distractive Deeds, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Since 2009 TOADD has worked to improve and saves lives through educating the youth about the dangers of texting and driving, sexting and cyberbullying. Encouraging the youngest of technology users to use technology responsibly. Please join us by getting involved and donating. The life we save could be yours.   


Bring MISS Toadd Alive!

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Classroom of Books

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DONATE to Bring Miss TOADD Alive!!

Miss TOADD is the international symbol for using technology responsibly. She is one of the major life-lines for the organization. Moreover, she is desperately wanting to do more. BUT, she is cardboard. Miss TOADD hasn't missed an appearance. She really has great ideas, however she is stuck in one dimension. 

Please help us bring Miss TOADD to life. She has BIG dreams of becoming a REAL mascot, 7 feet tall, glowy green, a royal blue pearl necklace, a golden crown, with dancing legs, and happy hands that give high fives and changes lives. 

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DONATE books to a classroom.

Reading is "FUN"damental! The Adventures in Mobile Phone Land Series is a wonderful way for kids to have a blast and learn a very important lesson at the same time. This Mobile Phone Land is a happy, colorful place where each citizen age ten and up has a cell phone – an appealing idea to kids everywhere. This tuned in territory is governed by a benevolent queen called Miss Toadd. Miss Toadd’s mission is to keep Mobile Phone Land safe.

However, a turtle named Terrance Texter is texting while driving and this just won’t do. Alarmed animal citizens text Miss Toadd about Terrance who is a danger to himself and others. He narrowly misses Miss Mole who is walking her puppy and scrapes up a revered old maple tree.

Miss Toadd leaps into action by declaring three new safety rules: “1.) No texting in the car. This little lesson will go very far, 2.) Every text makes history. So what will your legacy be?, and 3.) This should really be number one. When something bad is going on, share the bad news with a grown up, A.K.A. an adult.”

With safety and civility restored, Miss Toadd continues to hop around Moble Phone Land reciting one of her favorite sayings: “Wear a smile on your face, Text with taste, and Be nice to each other each day.”  



DONATE to TOADD's mission

TOADD is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to education the youth about using technology responsibly. Since 2010 TOADD has made some tremendous strides. We've reached over 1,000,000 people with our message, collected over 50,000 pledges to use technology responsibly, visited over 40 elementary, middle and high schools and a Georgia State Senate recognized week "Text With Respect Week" July 21-27. 

TOADD is the first and only to offer the Pre-Cell Phone program which gives mobile technology awareness to elementary students. TOADD tackles issues such as texting and driving, sexing and cyberbullying from as early as the 3rd grade. TOADD strongly feels that early awareness, intervention and education is the only way to change minds, save lives and make a REAL difference. 

Technology is a very important part of our everyday lives, especially with this age group and is meant to help us, not harm us. TOADD offers fun, relevant and innovative awareness and educational activities and events.

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